Download  PDF ,  PowerPoint  or  Keynote

Download PDF, PowerPoint or Keynote

Learn the crucial relevancy of multimedia & social networking in reaching this generation with the message of Christ. Discover practical and cost effective tools & resources to make mission via multimedia & social networking a reality in your church. If you'd like to request this seminar for your church, CLICK HERE.

Download  PDF ,  Powerpoint  or  Keynote

Download PDF, Powerpoint or Keynote

Learn how you, as a pastor or ministry leader, can effectively maximize the digital impact of your ministry and/or local church. Discover how easy it is to reach post-modern/millennial/GenZ generations by utilizing the free and cost-effective resources mentioned in this presentation. For more details, including one-on-one consultations, customized strategic proposals, A/V equipment breakdown such as cameras, microphones, mixing boards, lighting, etc. CLICK HERE.